About Us

The BaconSmith StoryBaconSmith Bacon Kit Open Showing Cure Thermometers and Contents

We’re Adrian and Carolyn, founders of BaconSmith
We love making great stuff from scratch – it’s tastier, it’s cheaper and it impresses our friends. With a bit of know-how, the right equipment and ingredients, it’s really quite easy.

Making bacon is no different. And who doesn’t love bacon?! Introducing BaconSmith. This kit makes the best bacon you have EVER tasted. You’ll never want to buy it from the super market again.

We hope you enjoy your BaconSmith kit and eating delicious bacon. Drop us a line and show off your creation on Instagram, Facebook or elsewhere. Got a cool new recipe? Share it with us and if it’s good, we’ll send some free stuff your way.
Happy Baconing!

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