What does the kit include?
This kit contains everything you need to make 2kgs of amazing bacon at home – just add pork! Contains:
Cure, Salt, and Sugar for your delicious bacon
Two pop-up meat thermometers
Curing Bag
Easy to follow instructions for 8 delicious varieties of bacon

Do I need a smoker?
No. You can use a smoker or bbq to smoke your bacon if you have one. But if not, you can use your regular oven.

Is it hard to make bacon?
No. If you can make a basic meal like scrambled eggs, you can make bacon. Our instructions are very easy to follow and practically fool proof (we said it)!

So…how do I make bacon at home?
The basics of how-to make your own bacon go like this:
Add cure, salt and the other ingredients (herbs, spices, bourbon, etc.) to your cure bag, along with pork belly. Make sure to coat evenly.
Leave in the fridge, and flip it over every day or two.
After 7 days, bake it in the oven at low temp for about 1.5-2 hours.
Cool and slice!
Grab a refill pack for your next batch here.

Where can I buy pork belly?
You can find pork belly in most supermarkets in the packaged meat department or if you’re feeling fancy, get some from your local butcher

78 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Joe says:

    Hello I am interested in the bacon kit. Is the baking in the oven part necessary? Or could I keep the bacon raw and cook when needed? Just thinking freezing it raw would be better than cooked.

  2. Ian Tomlin says:


    I purchased a bacon kit from you at the weekend at the York On Lilydale. I should have bought two so I can send on to my parents in the UK but I see you have an online store so that’s cool.

    Can you help with shipping to the UK do you have any idea about import restrictions for this at all?

    Appreciate your help.


    • Adrian MacGeraghty says:

      Hi Ian,
      We can certainly ship to the UK, it costs $20. Be forewarned though to declare the value under 15GBP, otherwise your gift recipient get whacked with a 25GBP duty. We call it the ‘Grinch Tax’ which operates only from October through January. No import restrictions as far as we know on the bacon kits. Send us an email through the website for more info.

  3. Mellissa says:


    Do you ship to NZ? I am wanting to buy this for a gift. Or do you know who stocks the kit in NZ?

    Thank you!

    • Adrian MacGeraghty says:

      Hi Mellissa,
      Thanks for the message: we just enabled New Zealand shipping a few minutes ago – should be $10. Let us know if it works correctly, if not we can do a manual order for you.
      Thanks again!

  4. Rob Towl says:

    I started curing a piece of pork nearly a week ago, using just the cure & sweet cure from your kit.
    It does not seem to have produced very much liquid, although it still smells “healthy”.
    Is this a problem?
    Should I do anything to increase the brine?

    • Adrian MacGeraghty says:

      Hey Rob,
      The amount of liquid coming out of the pork belly can vary on how moist the meat is. Just double check that you’ve used the right amount of cure and sugar. If so, you should be fine.
      Happy baconing!

  5. Linc says:

    I made one really successful baconsmith (bourbon) version with a 1.5kg pork belly — delish!
    Then I bought some replacement sodium nitrite (not from baconsmith) and used a 1kg slab of pork belly with the same recipe, measurements adjusted. The vacuum bag after 2 days started to swell with gasses and the meat became really rubbery in texture and had a chemical odour to it. i still smoked it to see what would happen and it was awful. Firstly can any sodium nitrite be used or is yours mixed with other ingredients (salt, etc)? Secondly, should i apply the nitrite powder directly to the meat? I am really trying to understand what exactly went wrong πŸ™

    • Adrian MacGeraghty says:

      Hi Linc! Looks like we missed your comment, apologies. Glad to hear your bourbon bacon worked well – it’s a favourite here. It’s hard to say what went wrong with your nitrites sourced elsewhere, it can be many things – perhaps it’s the wrong type of cure, or out-of-date? Our recipes were developed after quite a bit of trial and error, and yes the cure is a mixture of salt and nitrites. I’d recommend picking up a refill pack on the website. If you need larger quantites, just shoot us an email.
      Team BaconSmith

    • Adrian MacGeraghty says:

      Hey Craig,
      If using middle bacon, make sure to slice it so it’s as thin as pork belly. Otherwise the cure won’t be able to penetrate the meat quickly enough for it to cure correctly. Happy baconing!

  6. Sonja says:

    Fantastic! It really does taste much better than the shop bought stuff. I made the one with maple syrup in the mix. Even the rind bit is worth eating! Thanks Bacon Smith.

  7. Kelly says:

    Can I make the bacon without sugar as we don’t eat fructose? If I needed sugar could I exchange with glucose?

    • Adrian MacGeraghty says:

      Hi Kelly,
      Yes, you can use glucose if you’d like. Just use a similar amount to what’s in the kit (perhaps a little more for flavour, since glucose is a little less sweet). The sugar helps with dehydrating the meat and for flavour. Happy baconing!

  8. Stacy says:

    Hi just wondering what the standard best before/shelf life of the product is? I notice it’s not on the box. Thanks.

  9. Belinda says:

    My first attempt at bacon with your kit (exciting!) came up tasty but very chewy, to the point of being difficult to eat. Do you have any insight into what produces chewiness? My guesses are: the meat had been sitting in the fridge a while and was maybe getting a bit old; when I checked on it in the oven for the first time, the thermometer was already popped out, so maybe it was overdone.

    • Adrian MacGeraghty says:

      Hi Belinda,
      Sounds like it was overcooked! Maybe your oven is hotter than advertised at low temperatures. Try checking it at 1 hour, and then every 15 minutes thereafter. If it cooks in an hour, then it’s definitely too hot. Another way to telling if it’s too hot is if the pork is bubbling at all, the temperature should be turned down.

  10. Xavier says:

    I prefer to take the internal temperature with a digital thermometer to measure doneness when cooking meat – if I don’t use the included thermometer, what temperature should the bacon be before I pull it off the smoker?

  11. Jason says:


    Received a kit for Xmas and really looking forward to how it might turn out. Should I leave the skin on during the curing, your recipe suggests I should, but some web sites say to take it off first. Secondly, should the meat have any smell after the 7 days in the fridge? Ours smells a bit wiffy and I’m worried about food safety.

  12. Louise says:

    Good morning, I purchased a bacon kit for my husband for Christmas. He has used it once, love the bacon, then promptly lost the instructions. How can we get another copy? Thanks

  13. Peter says:

    Hi there

    I got my kit today – thank you for the fast postage.

    So having read your FAQ I am just after a bit of reassurance.

    I have a 1.5kg piece of pork belly (thank you Costco) so I want to confirm that I use 3/4 of the provided Cure and Sweet.

    My son cant wait to try the Maple Bacon I intend making.



    • Adrian MacGeraghty says:

      Hi Peter, sorry for the late reply, normally we get a notice when there’s a new post! Yes, you can use 2/4, it’s easy enough to eyeball, though more precise if doing 1kg at a time. Cheers!

      • Peter says:

        Thanks for the reply. I weighed out each bottle and used a calculator to give me exactly 3/4 of each to match exactly 1.5 kg. Just about to pop the meat in the oven and will report back tomorrow after bacon and waffles for breakfast

  14. Mrs Agnes Tan says:

    I just brought your kit today from Kitchen WareHouse in Osborne Park in WA.
    How do I go about getting refills for future use?
    What does curing actually mean? How does it work?
    Does this have as much nitrates as the commercial bacon in the supermarket?
    They can be rather salty sometimes.
    I am excited about giving this product a go.
    What inspired you to create this product in the first place?
    I have done loads of cooking classes over the years and really find good food
    cooked from scratch the only way to go now.
    Many thanks. Agnes Tan [aged 70]

    • Adrian MacGeraghty says:

      Hi Agnes, thanks for the message, we have refill packs available which have everything ready to go (just use a meat thermometer). This has similar amounts of nitrites to store bought bacon but with way less salt – and using a better cut of meat so it’s much tastier and better for you. The curing process preserves the meat and changes the flavour of the muscle as well. We agree, homemade is best! Thanks again for the message!

  15. Luke says:

    Hi there
    I’ve started my bacon but will struggle to smoke it within 7 days. Is it really bad if it stays in the curing mix for any longer?
    I also bought a 1.7 kg piece of pork belly but used all the curing mix, is this bad?

    • BaconSmithHQ says:

      Hi Luke,
      We recommend sticking to the directions regarding the weight of pork needed for the best bacon. You can end up ‘over curing’ the meat. We’d recommend getting it out of the bag ASAP, rinse very well and finish off in the oven.

  16. Jeramey says:

    Hi there, I’m currently curing some pancetta (first time) and I think I have combined a few recipes. I’ve had the meat in the fridge 2 weeks for the initial curing stage but through further reading and it seems that usually, it’s for 1 week only… is this ok or should I start again?

    • BaconSmithHQ says:

      Hi Jeramey,
      We find that 10 days max is as long as you should let it cure in the fridge. Check the meat to see if it’s OK, but if there’s anything suspicious about it, you should toss it.

  17. Adam says:

    I am curing a piece of loin rather than belly. Also the weight was 2.4kg but I only had the included cure for 2kg. 1) Will it still work? 2) as it’s thicker than belly, should I cure it for 14 days? 3) is your cure based on prague powder 1 or 2?

    • BaconSmithHQ says:

      Hi Adam,
      Loin is a bit thick so I’d recommend cutting into the thicker pieces to make sure the cure penetrates and best to remove the extra 400g if you can – if it’s under-cured you may be disappointed. The cure is based on #1 (nitrite only, no nitrate)

    • BaconSmithHQ says:

      Hey Tom, liquid smoke is great, easy to use just pop a few drops into the curing bag when you add your spices. A little goes a long way.
      Team BrewSmith

  18. Angus says:

    Hi there.
    We have used a number of your kits now – very successfully and satisfyingly I might add. You’ve ruined store bough bacon for us πŸ˜‰
    I wondered how important the curing time actually is, and how much leeway there is in the timing. We’ve always stuck to the 7 full days but I forgot to set up my pork belly to cure last weekend (we usually do it one weekend and BBQ the next πŸ™‚ so ended up doing it on Monday night – can I cut the cure time by 1 day to only 6 days thus cooking it on Sunday night or is 7 days a critical minimum?
    Thanks for a great product!

    • BaconSmithHQ says:

      Hi Angus,
      You can do a couple days early but you run the risk of it not curing completely. If you’re in a hurry, do some deep scoring of the belly or slice into thinner pieces. Of course it’s always best done the way we’ve tested in the instructions.
      Team BaconSmith

    • BaconSmithHQ says:

      Hi David,
      They’re meant as single use – however they may be re-usable – haven’t tried resetting them yet. Let us know, would be great if we could!

    • BaconSmithHQ says:

      Hi John, you can give it a try but leg is quite thick and can take a bit too long to cure. If you try it, let us know how it goes!

  19. Meg says:

    Hey guys
    Just made some homemade bacon with your kit, did a 2kg pork belly and gently smoked it over applewood chips.
    Then end result cooks well and tastes really good but the meat isn’t a bright pink more a pale pink internally.
    Has the cure worked? Will this still be ok if I slice and freeze it?

    • BaconSmithHQ says:

      Hi Meg,
      Sounds correct, it shouldn’t be bright pink except for where the smoke penetrates. Can you send us a photo?
      Team BaconSmith

  20. Anthony Pamplin says:

    Hi BaconSmith,

    Just wondering, i am about to take 2kg of lovely bourbon bacon out of the fridge ready to smoke tomorrow morning, work has called and i now have to go away till Thursday afternoon…. Bugger! Instead of rushing tonight to smoke it, would it keep in the fridge until Thursday night/Friday for smoking? Thanks in advance.

    • BaconSmithHQ says:

      Hey Anthony,
      We’d recommend popping it in the oven now and smoke it when you have some time at the end of the week. The curing process should be close to done at this point but you don’t want it sitting for too long. Let us know how it goes!
      -Team BaconSmith

  21. Gabe says:

    Just made coffee doughnut and a honey soy sriracha with a kit I got for my birthday. Possibly the best bacon I’ve ever tried. The couple of slices straight out of the Weber were the best!

    Just wondering how long the bacon will last in the fridge.


    • BaconSmithHQ says:

      Hi Gabe,
      Depending on how you store it, can last about 2-3 weeks. Best way is in a plastic container with the lid slightly ajar so moisture doesn’t accumulate. Glad it turned out great!

  22. Shirley says:

    Hi, I’m about to cure my first bacon and I was just wondering if you are doing the maple syrup one, do you mix all the ingredients together (dry and wet) before you add to the pork belly in the bag?

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