Make Your Own Bacon Kit

As we come to another busy period, we thought we’d address a few questions that we get regularly, perhaps they’ll help you when making bacon at home with your kit.
Q: What’s the best cut of pork to use when making bacon?
A: We use pork belly. It’s flavourful and pretty consistent in thickness. If you use a cut of meat that’s too big and round, the cure won’t have a chance to be absorbed into the meat. Stick to quality pork belly and enjoy.

Q: Can you make bacon without nitrates/nitrites?
A: If the pork isn’t cured with curing salt, you’re just making salty pork (not bacon). The nitrites actually change the structure of the meat to make it super tasty (and resist spoilage). The funny thing about “nitrate free” bacon is it’s cured with nitrates. Yes, really! Vegetable juice is full of nitrates and used for curing pork. It’s basically the same process as using curing salt but more expensive.

Q: Do I need a smoker to make bacon at home?
A: No! We finish off the curing process in the oven at home. If you really want a smoky flavour you can use smoky paprika or liquid smoke and voila, no smoker needed. It tastes great and takes way less time.

Q: What temperature do I need to cure my bacon at?
A: We aim for a 70C internal temperature minimum. In the oven, we set the temperature to 110-125C. If the bacon starts bubbling, turn it down just a little bit to avoid over-drying the meat.

Q: Do I really need the kit?
A: That depends! Are you looking to give a gift? Get a boxed kit, they’re attractive and great as a present.
Are you buying just for yourself? Are you a rugged functionalist? Just grab a digital thermometer and the bacon refill packs. If you’re extra keen, you can grab the cure in bulk.

Q: I have more questions!
A: Get in touch here. We’d love to help.

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