How To Make Bacon

In only a few steps, you’ll have great homemade bacon

  • Step 1: Buy 1 or 2 kg of pork belly (our kit is easy to measure for 1 or 2 kg – it’s up to you!)
  • Step 2: Add the pork belly to the curing bag with “The Cure” and “The Sweet” mix (half a jar of each for 1kg, whole jar for 2 kg)
    -Add your spices and flavours to suit (tons of good recipe ideas in the kit) and pop it in the fridge
  • Step 3: After 7 days of curing (don’t forget to flip it every day or two) – rinse and pat your bacon dry, then pop in the oven ~115C
    -Your included pop-up thermometer should be stuck all the way in – it’ll pop out when your bacon has reached proper internal temperature (70C)
  • Step 4: Cool and slice – your bacon is ready to fry or bake any way you like. Enjoy!