Excellent Bacon Flavour Combinations

Bacon! It ain’t just for breakfast anymore. With all these tasty varieties of bacon we’ve been eating, it seems that there’s much more that we can do with it. No longer relegated to breakfast, here are a few flavour combos that work really well  with home made bacon. Add your own in the comments:

  • Honey Soy Sriracha Bacon + Dumplings
  • Spicy Mexican Bacon + Kidney or Black Beans and Tortillas
  • Savoury Herby Bacon + Pasta with Olive Oil and Pesto
  • Coffee-Donut Bacon + Coffee (of course)
  • Bourbon Bacon + Chocolate Cake
  • Maple Bacon + Bananas and Pancakes

Have any excellent suggestions? Add ’em in the comments.

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