BaconSmith Bacon Kit


Excellent bacon awaits

If you like bacon from the supermarket, prepare to be blown away by the awesomeness that is home made bacon. Yes, bacon you make yourself. Make classic bacon, or experiment with our tantalizing recipe ideas.

In this kit, you can make 2kg of delicious savoury or sweet bacon of your choice. Just add pork belly!

Free shipping in Australia, only $5 to NZ, $15 to USA

So what’s in the kit? Includes:

  • Enough cure, salt and sugar to make 2kg of bacon
  • A pop-up (single-use) meat thermometer
  • Recipes to make 6 different types of bacon
  • Two curing bags (so you can make two types of bacon if you’d like)
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • An overwhelming sense of satisfaction from making your own delicious bacon
  • All wrapped up in a tidy little carton

Become a pioneer of bacon greatness!

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Out of stock

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