What The Heck Is BaconSmith?

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering what all this is. What’s a bacon kit? How do you make bacon? Why am I so excited? – These are many questions we get when first approached. Well never fear, take a seat and we’ll tell you the tale of BaconSmith.
It all started in the year 2012, when the first BrewSmith beer making kit was released. A couple of thirsty folks figured out that they could make beer themselves, and it was better beer than you could find at most bottle shops. So they released the power unto the people to see if anyone wanted to join them. And the people joined them. Thousands of kits and refills flew around the country and around the world, even. One of the founders thought “Hey, if making awesome beer is so popular, why not make the second most important food group, too? Bacon.” So they bought a few bacon kits, some were rubbish, some rather nice. However, they generally only made normal, regular bacon. Just salt, cure and (optional) sugar (except for one kit, which smelled like black pepper and gasoline). This would not do, not with all the amazing flavours available to the modern chef.

Snap back to the modern era (and enough with this third person narration); we ended up making a whole lot of bacon in different flavours. We tested all of them and made some pretty exciting stuff. Spicy, herby, sweet bourbon, even coffee flavours combined with the mouthwatering delight of bacon. All of a sudden, we had more bacon than we knew what to do with, and it was some incredibly delicious stuff. Universal praise of the flavours said that it was time to release this stuff in the wild. And so the BaconSmith kit was born. Initially released with 6 recipe ideas, we’ll be adding more as we try them. Have your own recipe? Send it in, and if we like it enough, we’ll publish it and send you some free cool stuff as a way of saying ‘thanks’! Your recipe could be included in the next kit!

So how do you make bacon? It’s rather simple; check out our FAQ’s for the run-down. Anyways, if you have any suggestions or recipes, please send them in or post ’em to Instagram or our Facebook wall or this blog, of course.

Happy Baconing!

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